1. When a straight man has a “crush” on another man, not sexual but kind of idolizing him. Many straight men end up having man crushes on Johnny Depp (I don’t blame them).

2. A man who has a crush on another man without sexual attraction.

“Hey, Ted. I heard you spent the night over at Dave’s.” “Yeah, we played twister and scrabble and watched movies, and spent all night talking, bizzatch.” “Dude, you’re 35, acting like you’re 12, and you’re using his language. You’ve got a man crush.”

3. For a man to have a very close platonic friendship and/or admiration for another man.

“Ben Affleck has had a man crush on Matt Damon for a long time.”


Playing with the metro-sexuality of the modern male, two guys competitively argue about which of them is “best mates” with their mutual friend, Dave.

Written by Matt Wheeler and Directed by Tony Hagger



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